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Military Jackets Six Sizes: Zippered + WW2 Jacket Design

Suitable for Men and Women, these unisex garments are AVAILABLE IN SIX SIZES: S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL.

Buy commemorative military jackets Made in Canada 95% Cotton, 5% Polyester with a 15oz. fleece weight and  CUSME-friendly.  Each Cadet collar Jacket has double ribbing, set in sleeves, two side pockets and is made of a fabric that has been compacted for shrinkage protection. 

This coat design helps celebrate and remember achievements by all branches of the Allied Forces during WW2  who fought to protect freedom and democracy. For more information about WW2 and D-Day Wear®, follow us on Instagram.

Military Jackets In Six Sizes Full Zip + WW2 Jacket Design


AVAILABLE IN SIX SIZES: S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXLThis Made in Canada King Fashion FULL-ZIP SWEATSHIRT Features: Embroidered Ship, Tank, Planes and Paratrooper which are all and they look like they're coming right at you. The concept for the design came from a 1940's booklet First Aid for the fighting man.Description: • 95% cotton, 5% polyester, 15 oz. • 2x1 ribbing • Compacted material for u..

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