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The Dispatch Rider:

A dispatch rider is a military messenger, mounted on a motorcycle. Dispatch riders(DR) were used by armed forces to deliver urgent orders and messages between headquarters and military units.
They had a vital role at a time when telecommunications were limited and insecure. The position of DR was the only one outside of paratrooper that was voluntary. Duties assigned the dispatch rider varied. For the most part they involved delivering messages to units and headquarters. Those marked “Secret” could be signed for by any clerk. However, those marked “Top Secret” were to be delivered to officers directly – even if that meant riding to the front lines.
Messages of importance were also delivered to and from hospitals – how many incoming wounded they could expect, how many discharged, able and fit, reinforcements the lines could expect – soldiers, fresh out of the hospital. Although instructed not to take unnecessary risks, more often than not riders were expected to deliver the messages in the fastest time possible – riding through unimaginable road conditions. Much of the time, mud was caked so heavy under wheel fenders that navigation became extremely difficult, at best. Sometimes it was just best to remove the front fender. Long stretches of riding time led to sleep deprivation, and ultimately to accidents. Then there was the obvious threat: enemy fire. Yet despite the odds stacked against them, dispatch riders held no rank and were rarely acknowledged for their important role in the war.

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