Military T-Shirt: Poppy T-shirts: Battlefield Cross Shirts

Military T-Shirt: Poppy T-shirts: Battlefield Cross Shirts

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Military T-Shirt: Poppy T-shirts: Battlefield Cross Shirts

T-Shirts With The Battlefield Cross In A Field Of Poppies:

The D-Day Wear® Team once again announces with pride that permission from the Royal British Legion has been granted for the use of the Poppies in this design.

Shop for a Men’s and or ladies Unisex Poppy T Shirt that commemorates the Battlefield Cross, the iconic symbol on the battlefield for a soldier who has been killed in action (K.I.A.).  The Battlefield Cross design, depicts an Angel carrying a deceased soldier to heaven at the moment of his death, from a field of poppies. In the forefront of the design is a Battle Cross wrapped in barbed wire with the soldier's Brodie Helmet positioned on top. The design features a revised interpretation of "Our Hitch in Hell" a ballad by American poet Frank Bernard Camp, in a 1917 collection entitled American Soldier Ballads, that went on to inspire multiple variants among American law enforcement and military, either as The Final Inspection, the Soldier's Prayer

This DTG (Direct to garment) print is available in six sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, AND XXXL.

Based on the “Angel of Victory Statue” The bronze sculpture by Montreal artist Coeur de Lion MacCarthy (1881-1971).

Canadian Pacific Railway commissioned three identical statues to mark the more than 1,100 CPR employees who perished during World War I, the statues were placed near CPR landmarks. In Vancouver, the statue sits outside of Waterfront Station and was installed in 1921.  The two others are in Winnipeg (installed in 1922) and Montreal (installed in 1923). The dates of World War II were later added on plaques attached to each statues base.

While all three statues were cast identically, the Vancouver statue has its own mark of history. In the 1960s concerned citizens attempted to clean what they thought was dirt off the statue, as they felt its state was disrespectful. The “dirt” was actually a natural patina that occurs on bronze over time. The scratch marks from their cleaning tools can still be seen.


The Poppy represents the International ‘Flower of Remembrance’. Red poppies have been a symbol of remembrance and mourning since WWI. Inspired by Canadian Lt. Col John McCrae’s iconic poem “In Flanders Fields”

With our past fundraising initiatives, people have enabled us to donate over 87 THOUSAND DOLLARS of which, 54 Thousand was used to successfully commemorate the lives lost by Canadian soldiers on the beaches of Normandy during World War II. Now the fund-raising goal is focused on providing professionally trained service dogs to the members of our First Responders along with the Women and Men of the Armed Forces who suffer from P.T.S.D. We invite you to please give generously to your local Service Dogs Organizations: e.g. National Service Dogs which will complement funds raised here.

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Grave Of The Unknown Soldier uNISEX Shirt  +  Grave Of An Unknown Soldier Embroidered Ladies T-Shirt

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