Air Force T-Shirt Combat Mission: Airborne Force WW2 T-Shirts

Air Force T-Shirt Combat Mission: Airborne Force WW2 T-Shirts

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Air Force T-Shirt Combat Mission: Airborne Force WW2 T-Shirts

Military T-Shirt Sales! Cotton T-Shirts, Sizes Small - 3XL

At D-Day Wear, we have always wanted to have a red shirt in the clothing collection for red shirt Fridays.  Did you know That R.E.D. means Remember Everyone Deployed?

This D-Day commemorative red T-shirt shows an R.A.F Roundel set into the image of the propeller of a DC-47 plane / Dakota airplane. Adding the black and white invasion stripes that were painted on allied aircraft involved in the D-Day invasion commemorates the pilots and air crew by creating D-Day clothing with an Air Force theme.

In all, an estimated 13000 Allied aircraft participated in the D-Day operations.  Allied air forces flew over 14000 sorties in support of the landings on D-Day. Having secured air supremacy prior to the invasion most of these flights were unchallenged by the Luftwaffe.

The Aerial operation on D-Day came in different phases:

The first phase of the aerial armada had the Medium / Heavy Bombers and Attack planes taking off from England to attack first. This included Lancaster bombers. American B 17 Flying Fortresses, the Martin B-26 Marauder and Hawker Typhoons. These planes were to  to "soften up" the extensive enemy defenses. Allied commanders hoped the bombings would neutralize the enemy's defenses, but that proved not to be the case. German capabilities remained formidable.

Next, hundreds of C-47's a.k.a. Skytrains / Dakotas / DC 3's took off en masse from bases across the channel in England, congregating in multiple V-formations, each plane carrying more than a dozen paratroopers, the airborne fighters who would jump from the transports into occupied France to cut off German defenders from behind.

The next wave of support came many hours later in the form of thousands of soldiers arriving on scene in gliders, American-made Waco CG-4 Hadrians and the larger British-made Airspeed Horsa models. The Waco gliders could carry around 15 troops, including pilots, though many were used for transporting heavy equipment, including Howitzer cannons and Jeeps. The Horsa gliders were even larger, able to carry as many as 30 troops. The loss rate for the gliders is hard to calculate, in part because they were considered largely disposable — hundreds were simply left behind by advancing troops, and because a rough landing in which the glider was destroyed when occupants survived uninjured, it was considered a successful landing.

And during the Invasion, the fighters of D-Day were a different story. Because the Allies had achieved air supremacy, there were no Luftwaffe fighters to engage. This included: the P-38 Lightning, Supermarine Spitfires, the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt and the Hawker Typhoon. 

Though lengthy this video shares eyewitness accounts from the air and from the ground by participants in the WW2 battle for air supremacy.

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